About knee pads

knee pads for pole dance

The center of the knee is shifted!

Not everyone knows that the kneecap sat anatomically correctly on the leg and for a quality 100% protection, do not pull the kneecap too high! ⠀

Because the center of the kneecap is slightly shifted upwards. Indeed, it is the popliteal zone that suffers most from bruising (under the knee cap).

How to understand whether you wear knee pads right? ⠀

1. put on knee pads ⠀

2. bend your knee at 90-130 degrees ⠀

3. when the kneecap slipped a little (by 2-5cm) - this means that it sat down on its place.

Knee height!

The actual height of the knee pads is 22cm / 8.6 inch at the highest point. More or less delicate look, depends on the growth and length of your legs. It is said that the knee pads are too high and some people say that they are too short, others that the size is perfect! Now you have real numbers, take a centimeter examples to the foot and imagine them on your knees. ⠀ And mind the nuance! ⠀ After the knee pads have been formed according to the shape of the knee (after 2-4 workouts), the height of the knee set will decrease by 1-2 cm.

knee pads for pole dancing
knee pads for pole dancing

The shape of the knee pad will change!

During the first 2-3 workouts, the protective cup will begin to take on the individual shape of your knee.


The whole thing iis about pillows at a temperature of 30-35 C, the material becomes adaptive, which means that when in contact with the body it gradually changes its shape.

Please remember!

At the first fitting knee pads may seem too tight! This is especially true for sticky knee pads with a "grip" covering

Do not worry !

During the first 1-2 workouts, the fabric will become softer, will stretch by 1-2 cm and will comfortably rest on your leg.

knee pads for pole dancing

Beauty in the details

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