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Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the team of the QUEEN brand has decided that half of the funds from the sale of the Ukrainian collection will be donated to help people affected by the war. And friends, you are amazing! During the first two months together with you, we’ve collected 25 067,4 UAH (it’s approximate 841EUR). We
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The social challenge #yourdance_yourstory consists of inspiring sincere stories. Motivational stories about life that are somehow connected with dance. Stories of women who believe in themselves, overcome fears and work hard to achieve results. This project is not about success stories, but it is about people who had a lot of work, insecurity, despair and
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Although rhythmic movements on the pole haven`t been considered something indecent, not everyone is able to comprehend the art of real dance. Pole dance combines the elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, choreography and fitness. But is it really so difficult to learn at least the basics of this direction? And how to learn pole dance at
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Are you going to go to a pole dancing class for the first time and wondering what to wear to a pole dancing class? And the answer seems to be obvious: a beautiful and comfortable sports outfit. But after the first workouts, there are more and more questions. What do pole dancers wear to make
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The appearance of the kneepads Nude collection received a great response from the Queen clients and followers of social networks. That’s why we asked Victoria, the co-founder and designer of the brand, to tell us about the creation of this collection.
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You are planning to buy knee pads and it would seem that it is difficult here: you open a browser, enter a search query “buy knee pads” and choose the model you like. But, unexpectedly for yourself, you face a difficulty: completely different knee pads appear on the screen: from children’s knee pads for crawling
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You are puzzled over the question – “What to give your friend-pole dancer?”. Let’s start with the theory. Attention is called the best gift. But how to present attention? That’s right – to pick up a gift that says “I know what Pole Dance means to you and I support your hobby.” And to save
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We strive to be a socially responsible brand and strive to reduce our impact on the environment. We know that the fashion industry is currently considered one of the largest pollutants in the world. Therefore, we deliberately manufacture knee pads with the longest possible service life in order to avoid an increase in the volume
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Pole Dance has suddenly burst into the culture of the 21st century. Many have tried their hand in this area of sports and there is no such person who has not heard the phrase pole dance. But we nevertheless decided in our blog to look at a pole dance from different angles and tell everything
Thursday, 24 September 2020 / Published in Queen_blog
Queen Pole Wear Blog
Pole dancing is growing in popularity as a method of fitness and as an expression of movement through dance. The best way to practice the sport is to install a pole in your home.
Friday, 18 September 2020 / Published in Queen_blog
Liz London writer Queen Pole Wear blog
If you love your pole dance classes and are thinking of taking your hobby to the next level as a professional, keep in mind that, like any other business, teaching dance and fitness professionally comes with a certain amount of responsibility.
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Queen Pole Wear Team
We are happy to present you our first blog in the blog and we are glad that you are reading this now! Let's meet and it will be easier for us to feel each other. I'll start, don't you mind?)
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