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The social challenge #yourdance_yourstory consists of inspiring sincere stories. Motivational stories about life that are somehow connected with dance. Stories of women who believe in themselves, overcome fears and work hard to achieve results.

This project is not about success stories, but it is about people who had a lot of work, insecurity, despair and struggle with themselves. These are the stories of those who did not give up and who were not stopped by failures and injuries on the way to the realization of their little dance dream.


Although rhythmic movements on the pole haven`t been considered something indecent, not everyone is able to comprehend the art of real dance. Pole dance combines the elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, choreography and fitness. But is it really so difficult to learn at least the basics of this direction? And how to learn pole dance at home? We will talk about it in our material.

Preparation for classes

There are many videos for pole classes online. In the videos, experienced teachers will tell you how to dance on a pole at home and what do you need for it, besides desire. Before starting theory and practice we recommend preparing for classes and equipping your home for training:

  • Pole. The pole can be thin or thicker. Of course the first one is easier to grasp with your hands but on the other it is easier to perform elements with the leg gripping. The optimal pole thickness is – 45-50 mm that is suitable for a beginner.
  • Location. Make sure that there are no fragile interior items and furniture near the pole that can be touched during the performance of the elements. It would be nice to put up a large mirror so that you can see the results of your efforts better.

Are you wondering how to practice pole dance at home without a pole and is it even possible? It is quite real. In fact, the pole is a metal pipe so in a private house you can find or build a similar structure in the yard. But still such a pole is suitable only for the first classes and then we advise you to purchase a professional one. Not only the quality of the performed element but also health depends on this.

For pole dance classes it is worth thinking about the following things:

  • Form. Ordinary shorts and a short T-shirt or top are great for befinners. It is better not to wear leggings and a sweatshirt – it interferes with the good grip of the body with the pole. But the pants come in handy because they are suitable for stretching before class to warm up the muscles and prepare them for loads.
  • Shoes. You can practice barefoot, wearing soft ballet flats or high-heeled shoes.
  • Accessories. Special gloves, knee pads and garters will also come in handy. A beautiful set with a belt will make the image as seductive as possible.

How to start pole dance at home

You need to start the class with a warm-up. 10 minutes of active gymnastics and stretching of the ligaments will prepare the muscles for the following loads. It is important to do all exercises consistently and gradually increase the workout. A rug, a chair and small barbells weighing up to 3 kg will come in handy to perform all the exercises with high quality.

The set of exercises for warming up includes:

  1. Push-ups with the wide and narrow arms positions.
  2. Stand in the bar.
  3. Stand on the shoulder blade.
  4. Lifting the barbells.
  5. Stretching the thigh muscles.

To practicece the movements on the pole, you should take care of your own safety and purchase a safety mat. Pillows or a soft mattress are suitable at home.

How to practicese pole dance at home step by step

One of the basic elements of pole dance is the twist. To perform the element you need to grab the pole at the head level, stretch out your hand and hang on it. At the same time you should make a turn with your legs, turning on your inner leg. Next you need to hook onto the pole with your leg, transfer your weight to the back leg and fix the girth. Only then you can do an effective back bend but it is necessary to hold on the pole with your arms and legs tightly. At the end you need to straighten up to prepare for the next move.

To climb the pole correctly, you need to:

  • face the pole;
  • grasp the pole with one hand;
  • grab the pole with your legs (in turn);
  • move your arms up;
  • pull your knees up and clamp the pole between your legs;
  • stretch out and lean back.

Among the other basic tricks that are performed in statics, it is worth noting the “Fireman” element (legs are crossed around the pole, arms squeeze the pole and the back bends), “Stool” (hips tightly squeeze the pole), “Slingshot” (legs are spread apart, and the dancer hangs upside down).

How to learn pole dance at home

  1. If dancing in heels is uncomfortable, perform the elements barefoot.
  2. Make sure there is enough space at home for training. Your movements should not be inhibited.
  3. Use powder and gloves to avoid blisters. But if they do, brush them with iodine for quick drying.
  4. Buy magnesia and wax for more difficult tricks.
  5. How to practice pole dance at home without sprains and injuries? Use the special cuffs, elastic bandages and knee pads.
  6. After training massage your legs and buttocks to reduce pain and improve circulation. To do this you can buy oil and special balls with needles.
  7. Eat balanced meals to lose those extra kilograms that prevent you from performing difficult tricks.
  8. Write down your successes and failures in a notebook so that you can carefully practice tricks that do not work.
  9. Print posters with different tricks to motivate yourself more and celebrate the elements you’ve already mastered. You can even make a map with flags and then mark the basic and additional twists.
  10. Feel free to share your results with your family or friends. It will help to reveal more and even mistakes and tricks are better visible that still need to be worked on.

Major mistakes during pole classes

We strongly advise not to eat heavy meal before training, it is better to have a light snack an hour before training. Also do not apply oil or lotion on your skin because the body will begin to slide more along the pole. It can even be dangerous for your health. Besides it, you will have to clean the pole from the fat.

In addition to eating a balanced pre-workout diet, make sure you drink plenty of water during classes. Pole dance is very energy intensive so it is very important to restore water balance in a timely manner. Pay attention to the characteristics of the pole during the purchase. If you practice on a pole, that is not suitable for your weight, attempting to dance will result in the serious injuries. Also do not neglect the material of the pole, as the plastic parts at the base often break. Now you know how to pole dance at home. But the most important thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes and believe in yourself.

Are you going to go to a pole dancing class for the first time and wondering what to wear to a pole dancing class? And the answer seems to be obvious: a beautiful and comfortable sports outfit. But after the first workouts, there are more and more questions. What do pole dancers wear to make their bodies slip less? How do they avoid blisters? How to train to avoid bruises? It’s time to deal with all the details of pole dance uniforms and shoes. Everything is in order not to think what to wear to pole dancing class every time. And the main thing is that training should only bring pleasure.


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