When Your Business Hits a Wall

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How long has your pole studio been open? I find that after 2-4 years, studio owners hit a wall and can’t seem to push past a plateau of sales.

When we first open our studios, we’re giddy with excitement at all the shiny new possibilities, right? You’ve got notebooks full of ideas: choreographies, class topics, specialty workshops, a vision of a boutique right in your studio for students to glam out in professional polewear.

But it’s really common for owners to run out of energy and enthusiasm after a few years. Or, you’re jaded from trying everything you can think of to get new students coming in the door or past students to come back.

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Pole dancing is growing in popularity as a method of fitness and as an expression of movement through dance. The best way to practice the sport is to install a pole in your home.

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If you love your pole dance classes and are thinking of taking your hobby to the next level as a professional, keep in mind that, like any other business, teaching dance and fitness professionally comes with a certain amount of responsibility. 

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