You are planning to buy knee pads and it would seem that it is difficult here: you open a browser, enter a search query “buy knee pads” and choose the model you like. But, unexpectedly for yourself, you face a difficulty: completely different knee pads appear on the screen: from children’s knee pads for crawling to an aluminum rigid knee brace, among which you are confused trying to find those that meet your needs.


 We sincerely want QUEEN knee pads to delight you as long as possible and to reliably protect your knees, and to take care of them as easily as possible. 


You are puzzled over the question – “What to give your friend-pole dancer?”. Let’s start with the theory. Attention is called the best gift. But how to present attention? That’s right – to pick up a gift that says “I know what Pole Dance means to you and I support your hobby.”

And to save your time and effort, we have selected 17 themed gift ideas that every pole dancer dreams of. Read, get acquainted, and choose the one that you like. Let’s start. A pleasant surprise awaits you at the end of the article.


We strive to be a socially responsible brand and strive to reduce our impact on the environment. We know that the fashion industry is currently considered one of the largest pollutants in the world. Therefore, we deliberately manufacture knee pads with the longest possible service life in order to avoid an increase in the volume of textile waste in the world.


Pole Dance

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Pole Dance has suddenly burst into the culture of the 21st century. Many have tried their hand in this area of sports and there is no such person who has not heard the phrase pole dance. But we nevertheless decided in our blog to look at a pole dance from different angles and tell everything about this activity. We have also collected some interesting facts about Pole Dance that many of you did not know.


When Your Business Hits a Wall

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How long has your pole studio been open? I find that after 2-4 years, studio owners hit a wall and can’t seem to push past a plateau of sales.

When we first open our studios, we’re giddy with excitement at all the shiny new possibilities, right? You’ve got notebooks full of ideas: choreographies, class topics, specialty workshops, a vision of a boutique right in your studio for students to glam out in professional polewear.

But it’s really common for owners to run out of energy and enthusiasm after a few years. Or, you’re jaded from trying everything you can think of to get new students coming in the door or past students to come back.