My name is Viktoria,I am a founder of the brand Queen wear!

I am pleased to hear that you are interested in our brand and its history!

I will gladly answer all your questions!

When was your brand created?

I consider the day of the creation October 5 2015. That was a birthday of our first product-knee pads.

In that moment we got an idea about making special knee pads for a Pole Dance with multifunctional and technical support and extremely beautiful as well.

As far as I am crazy and obsessed when it comes to any work I do, the same day (if to be more exact-night) was made the first pair of knee pads QUEEN.

I didn’t mean to create a brand, but I was focused on making extremely useful and revolutionary product, which had never existed before.

The very work with “QUEEN” as a brand started later in 2016.

Why was it decided to make a brand?

I can’t say that to make a brand was my decision, but in some moment I understood that my knee pads had become a brand themselves, as many people tended to think like that. So, I just cought this idea and converted into reality with the company of my supporters.

Further, work over our brand development became an obvious decision due to the moto

”if you’ve started doing something, just be the first in it”.

What are the values of your brand?

1. Quality

If a quality is poor-there is no forgiveness for such a brand!

That is the thing we’ve been always ruled with,so the quality is the main thing about our brand.

2. Inner comfort

We know our client very well,as each of them is our supporter.

We share many things in common.Pole dance is our passion,excitement and love.

We care about these things,because we know how to do it

When you put on Queen you can relax,dance free and enjoy,as each item was created carefully with every single detail taken into thorough attention.

3. Emotions!

Originality of each thing gives a possibility to be yourself and it’s not about the design only,but about the atmosphere and idea put inside.

It’s more than clothes, it’s something that brings impressions, emotions and makes pole dance life brighter and manifold.

What are your offers for dancers?

Apart from beautiful and multifunctional products we also give a feeling of being unique and complete!

Items which outline the best version of yourself and each of us.

And of course love)

Where did you get your inspiration for making a collection of clothes?

I am a creative personality by nature. Sometimes, there is too much of it and I just physically can’t convert everything into a reality. That’s why I am grateful to my incredible team to make it happen. I’d dreamed for a long time about a collection of pole dance clothes. Because as it gives more space for my crazy ideas.

Thankfully, I am surrounded by practical people who told me to attract attention with one product and then, when somebody knows you, to provide new branches. And it was really a very clever idea.

Do you have muses?

Of course, there is plenty of them. Anything may become a stimulus for my inspiration…people,things,brands,music,films,books and even a leaf from a tree or sunshine.

People-pole dance stars always inspire me with their charisma, but, also ordinary people,who fight their fears and weaknesses. I adore observing people’s success growth.

Beauty of a woman’s body in curves and lines has always been a source of my inspiration for creativity to implement into new items and collections.

Music,films,fashion is all about bringing me energy every day together with the potential art

And You,of course,if you are reading it now –you are my inspiration. All the people who show their interest,love to our brand…you are giving me the biggest portion of inspiration.

Thank you!

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