Knee pads for dance

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We know very well what you want when you are looking for dance knee pads.

  • You think that, I need dance knee pads near me wearing which I can forget about discomfort and fully immerse in the world of dance enjoying every movement.
  • You need a choice. You are not one of those who buy what is available. You are one of those who take exactly what you want: it does not matter whether we are talking about classic black or intricate designer kneepads. The choice should be yours.
  • You are eager for understanding. You need the advice of a professional who is ready to listen carefully, immerse himself in your situation with his head and offer the best solution for you. A professional who understands the peculiarities of your particular direction of dance.

We know about it because dancing has a special place in the life of everyone in the QUEEN team. And also, we love to communicate a lot with our clients, and they, in turn, generously share information about what is really important and necessary for them.

The history of the QUEEN brand began with the love of its founder Victoria for dance. And her desire to create unique kneepads that can meet the needs of dancers. Since no one has tried to do this before us.

In knee guard for dance, aesthetic properties are no less important than protective ones.

As a rule, kneepads in a practical black color are chosen for training, and for performances they are matching the style of the costume or inconspicuous nude. But there are many exceptions to this “rule” – many dancers prefer to emphasize their individuality and mood, choosing kneepads in bright colors and interesting designs for training.

The range of QUEEN includes knee pads and dancewear of various designs and colors from black classics to bright “cats” and “bunnies”. We’ve also expanded our collection of nude kneepads to 4 shades so that everyone can match the model to their skin tone.

LIPS slides stand out among the knee protectors for dancers – a new type of protective accessory. The peculiarity of this model is a minimalistic design that follows the shape of tempting lips. These kneepads are designed for light or short-term stress on the knees. Light, almost imperceptible during the dance. If you are wondering if you need knee pads for dancing or if you can do without them. This model was created just for you. And, one more important fact, the design of this model is patented! Therefore, you can become the owner of a truly unique product.

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