Knee pads for florwork

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Achieve more by doing exercises on the floor with the knee pads.

How is the use of knee pads for exercise related to the effectiveness of training?

  • You are completely focused on training while wearing kneepads. You are not distracted by the painful feelings and looking for an extra protector like a folded exercise mat or pillow;
  • When you use a knee pad for exercises, your knees are protected from injuries. This means that your workouts will be regular with the full loads.

Features of the Queen knee pads for floor exercises

The QUEEN florwork knee pads are designed considering the main athletesꞌ problems and needs.

While doing the stretching exercises, the central and inner parts of the knee are the most stressed. That’s why the protective cup of the kneepad is shaped to provide comfort and protection during the stretching and smooth exercises developing flexibility.

During the active exercises, performing dynamic elements, jumping and falling, the load falls on the area under the knees. Therefore, the center of the protective pad is moved downward.

After 2-3 workouts, the protective exercise kneeling pad will take the shape of your knee.

When the kneepads begin to perform their protective function worse, it is enough to replace the changeable pads by choosing the appropriate thickness:

  • Light – 0,6 cm;
  • Standard – 1 cm;
  • Plus – 1,5 cm.

Replacing of the pad extends the life of the product, renewing its protective properties. What do we offer:

  • the models of knee pads which are suitable for men and women. And in the assortment of more than 25 models, you will find what you like. And in the size range from XS to XXL, you will surely find the right one;
  • Knee pads for exercises are as strong as you are. Work out every day, the kneepads will endure any load;
  • The material of the kneepads takes back the moisture and allows the air to pass through.
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