Knee pads for stretching

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In this section we have collected kneepads that are ideal for stretching.

What is special about QUEEN knee pads for stretching:

  • Material with which you can forget that you are wearing knee pads during the training. QUEEN is sewn from modern thin and elastic neoprene. We paid special attention to its choice in Queen collection. And our efforts are paid off.
  • 3SiteProteck technology is used for making protective pads. What does this mean for you? In fact your knees will be protected not only by direct pressure on the kneecap. The QUEEN knee pads for stretching protect the knee under any load direction: front, top, bottom and sides, such as in the “frog” position.
  • Pad change function. You can extend the life of your knee pads by replacing only the protective pads.
  • With these knee pads you can do not only stretching. That’s why if you simultaneously dance Twerk, Pole Dance, contempo, etc., or decide to get to know these dance styles in the future, feel free to take your kneepads for training, they will be very appropriate.

Now you can choose the model you like, as all the models in this section are equally functional and of high quality. That is confirmed by the certificates. And if you need any help, our managers are waiting for your chat message.