Knee pads for twerk

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Dancers who are familiar with twerk, even at the first lesson, understand that knee pads are an necessary part of a dance wardrobe, along with a top and shorts. Do not neglect twerk kneepads and save time on choosing them.

What should you pay attention to when choosing knee pads for  twerking?

Please note that during twerk practice your knees are influenced with two different loads at once: pressure on the kneecap during movements with support on the knees, falls or jumping and tension in the knee joint, which occurs in positions with bent legs. 

That is, the best knee pads for twerking should have both a protective and a compressive effect.

As a rule, twerk is danced in shorts, knee pads are worn on a naked body. And this is another reason to take a closer look at their choice and pay special attention to the material of the kneepads.

The material of the twerk  knee pads for should be:

  •       hypoallergenic – does not cause allergic reactions;
  •       “breathable” – to let air in to the skin and remove moisture;
  •       firmly colored (not lose color) – agree, it’s not pleasant when after exercise your knees will remain color of kneepads
  •         moderately elastic – evenly stretch in 4 directions, providing a compression effect and not squeezing the leg.

QUEEN brand twerk knee pads

They correspond to everything provided above and even more.

3SideProtect technology protects the kneecap not only under direct pressure, but also under sides loads. A choice of three variants of thicknesses of protective pads will allow you to choose the ideal degree of protection.

The quality of QUEEN kneepads is confirmed by product certificates.

And one more thing, for which our clients appreciate us very much, is our service, which does not end at the time of ordering. We continue to keep in touch with you and are ready to help you to resolve any issue related to knee pads since months and even years after the purchase. If you are ready to get acquainted with the impeccable QUEEN support, make an order or ask any question in the chat.

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