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Dance knee pads are the first product of the QUEEN Wear brand that dancers from 72 countries have already fallen in love with. We sincerely love our knee pads and have not stopped improving them for 5 years.

Passion for this product inspired us to develop new products and collections for Pole Dance, but knee pads for floor dance remain our main focus.

Our goal is not just to keep your training safe by protecting the knees of dancers around the world. We strive to combine comfort with safety, practicality with beaut, and mood.

A revolutionary product

The modern assortment of various knee pads for Pole Dance is diverse and wide enough. But we are the QUEEN Wear brand, we are proud that we were the pioneers of this trend in 2015 and the creators of an incredible product without which today pole dance would look completely different.

As experts in this product, we will highlight the main characteristics that specialized knee pads for floor dance, as well as twerk, strip plastic, and stretching.

  Such accessories should:

  • reliably protect, especially the inner part of the knee and the area under the knee;
  •  always stay comfortable so as not to hinder the dancer’s movements;
  •  be durable to withstand even the most extreme workouts;
  •  have the correct structure of the fabric that easily slides on the floor;
  •  the presence of a cover sticky to the pylon on the back of the knee pad and in the inner part;
  •  and, of course, a stylish and attractive design.

Professional, branded QUEEN Wear knee pads are multifunctional, comfortable, and most importantly, perfect and varied in design. These are beautiful models that solve all problems at the same time, providing an opportunity to feel free during the dance, confident in yourself and in your movements, dance with ease, without pain, and with the feeling of your irresistibility.

Features of Queen models

Dance knee pads are designed with dancer’s basic concerns and needs in mind.

When sliding the knees on the floor and during stretching exercises, the greatest stress falls on the central and inner part of the knee, therefore, the protective cup of the knee pad is shaped to provide comfort and protection during stretching and smooth dancing on the parterre.

During active dancing, performing dynamic elements, and jumping on the knees – the main affected area is the area under the knees. Therefore, the center of the protective pad is shifted downward. For the same reason, many dancers wear the product incorrectly, namely, too high. Remember, your hamstring should hit the center of your knee pad. To make sure that the protective knee pads are worn correctly, you need to put them on, bend your knee and let the knee pad slide a little and make it “sit down” in its place.

The standard height of the product is on average 22 centimeters in front, this height will be that only when trying on, and during training, the knee pad “sits down” takes the shape of the knee and looks a little smaller. Also, the look on the legs depends a little on the height and length of the legs, therefore, if the question of a too large or too low height of knee pads worries you, use a measuring tape and try on this height on yourself, so you can visually understand whether this product suits you.

During the first 2-3 workouts, the cushion takes on the individual shape of the knee, so the fit of the cushion and its shape change. This is because the lining becomes more flexible when heated from the body, regardless of its thickness.

When it becomes necessary to replace the filling of the soft knee pad for dancing, you can choose different linings:

  • Light – 0,6 см;
  • Standard – 1 см;
  • Plus – 1,5 см.

Replacing the pillow prolongs the life of the product, restoring its protective properties.

The collection of dance knee pads is functional

The Queen Wear brand line includes three types of models:

  • We recommend classical dance knee pads for twerking, strip plastic, stretching, and other types of dance without using a pole. Such models protect the popliteal zone well from pain, bruises and injuries, easily slide on the floor, do not slip or twist on the leg, like other types of QUEEN knee pads.
  • Sticky (Grip Series) – equally effective knee protector, additionally equipped with a tough, flexible silicone coating that provides a secure grip on the pole, allowing you to perform complex tricks with ease without removing your knee pads.
  • Slides – small knee pads made in the shape of lips, designed for easy sliding in dance and to protect the popliteal area.

The entire range effectively protects knees from pain and discomfort during exercise, injuries, bruises, abrasions. Allows you to dance and train with ease without being distracted by knee pain.

The design of the accessories is varied – the assortment includes both simple black knee pads, nude knee pads in 4 shades of skin color from light beige to dark cocoa, and bright products. Here you can buy the QUEEN dance knee pads in a large color palette with different additions. Choose delicate nude models, prints that match the suit, or playful cat ears.

Protection is our strength, and  knee pads – QUEEN.

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