Designer knee pads

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QUEEN designer knee pads

Nowadays dance knee pads are not only a protective accessory, but also a part of the image. 

That’s why we at QUEEN consider it our duty to the dance community to fill regularly our assortment with the new designer knee pads. 

 How are QUEEN designer knee pads different from other models? – The only difference is in an interesting and bright design, there is no functional difference. 

Designer knee pads, as well as others, are suitable for practicing:

  • Yoga 
  • Stretching; 
  • Choreography; 
  • Twerk 
  • Pole dance (we recommend using the silicone-coated kneepads of the Grip series for Pole Dance). 

All kneepads in this section have the possibility to replace the protective pads. They can be replaced with new ones as soon as the kneepads begin to lose their protective properties, in such way extending their expiration date. Or you can choose the pads of suitable thickness, controlling the degree of protection in this way.

In total, our assortment includes three types of replacement pads: 

  • Delicate Light – 6mm thick;
  • Universal Standard – 10mm thick;
  • Reinforced Plus – 15mm thick.

 When purchased, all knee pads contain Standard protective pads.

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