Kitty knee pads

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Someone who claims that money cannot buy happiness has never bought these kneepads.

The cat’s grace and liveliness inspire dancers all over the world. And the cat language is understandable to everyone and does not require translations.

We thought at QUEEN, as everyone loves cats so much, why don’t we create kneepads looking like the cats. And yes! We are happy with the result, by the way, as are our customers.

Of course, each model of Kitty kneepads has its own peculiarity:

  • Flirty – Candy Kitty;
  • Cheeky – Dark Kitty;
  • Mysterious – Moon Cat;
  • True friends, cute Sweet Bunnies and Sweet Kitty.

Of course, all these “cuties” don’t give in to the classic models: they are just as reliable and have all the characteristics available in other models of QUEEN kneepads.