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Pole dance clothing is an integral part of our wardrobe.

We will not tell you that sensations and results depend on its comfort and quality, you obviously know that. And we know that in order to feel like a queen, you do not need beautiful clothes, we create them so that they please you and complement your personality. We are confident that we are responsible for your feeling of comfort during dancing and training, therefore we are always sincerely attentive to every smallest detail of our products.

A high-quality, professional uniform for pole dance, especially if it is made with great love, never constrains movements, fits well and securely, easily stretches in all parts, but at the same time, retains its elasticity and shape for years, you can trust it. This is what we at QUEEN Wear do for pole dance.

Let’s agree. pole dance is both hard work and at the same time an incredible art that has changed our lives. After all, Pole Dance gives us an unforgettable experience – a sense of our own irresistibility at every big or small victory, a sense of uniqueness, although there are many of us, but still, a sense of our own femininity, grace, and plasticity. During training, we always get a boost of energy, our body acquires a seductive and at the same time athletic shape, even if we don’t think so, and most importantly, there is a sparkle in our eyes.

Quality is the main brand value

For the QUEEN Wear team, the quality and comfort of pole dance clothing remain paramount.

  • The fabric is always good at stretching in different directions for freedom of your movement. We use elastic materials that do not constrain tricks.
  • The strength of stitching, finishing, and piping is also important in stretch garments.
  • Comfortable pole-dance clothes this is an outfit that does not create a “greenhouse effect”, it is always comfortable, it” breathes” and dries quickly.
  •  We use two-layer parts, which eliminates the discomfort due to translucent areas.
  • The design of the pole shape not only assumes the creation of comfortable, well-fitting, but also stylish and attractive products.

Quality from Queen Wear is a combination of fabric properties, impeccable thoughtful cut, high sense of style, and love for this art form.

Pole dance clothing design

The designer of the Queen Wear line – Victoria, due to her own passion for this seductive dance, is creating unique products for pole dancing and tests each product on herself. If a new, freshly created model allows you to feel absolutely free in all movements, confident, bright, and just the queen, only then the product has the opportunity to get into the QUEEN range. Each product has its own character, it helps to create an individual image with a certain mood. In the collections of our brand you will find:

  • Collection for “wild” dance, “Born to be wild” with leopard prints in different colors.
  •  Romantic sets “Crystal
  • The “QUEEN” collection is a practical and unique pole-dance shape in a sporty style, emphasizing curves, feminine strength, and of course, with small provocative design accents.
  •  Tops, shorts, bodysuits, leggings in a wide range of shades and styles. All of them will be reliable, comfortable, and always beautiful.

Truly regal clothing for pole dance classes and performances can be purchased from our branded online store with worldwide shipping.

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