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The sophisticated cut of the pole dance swimwear from QUEEN Wear ensures the perfect fit on any figure from the slender XS to the luxurious XL. Bright models demonstrate the main brand values – quality, comfort, emotions.

Bodysuit for a seductive look

Exceptional cut, assembled from perfect details, organically sits on the female figure, emphasizing your charming curves. But the image and uniqueness create different touches:

  • A high open thigh, combined with a cutout in the front, imitating a flared top, emphasizes the attractiveness and daring of dance moves.
  •  Wide straps on the back securely fix the body for floor dance on the body, not allowing it to let you down while dancing.
  • The cut is designed so that in any size without cups and bones, the model effectively supports your chest.
  • Soft fabric stretches well but retains elasticity and resilience. Italian Supplex is used in tailoring. The pylon body is made of double linen, so it is not translucent.

Together with the pole dance bodysuit from QUEEN Wear you get:

  • slim silhouette;
  • a guarantee of comfort during training or performance;
  • bright mood, which is given by juicy shades;
  •  a stylish image that complements your personality;
  • a feeling of your own seductiveness and originality.

We – brand QUEEN Wear bring to your attention your favorite knee pads developed by our approach- practical and exclusive models, sets of clothes for pole training, and bright accessories. All products are created by the QUEEN team, we sincerely share your love for pole dance and strive to create incredible products that are worthy of your love.

You can order a bodysuit on this page by choosing a color and size, as well as a delivery address. We ship orders worldwide. The cost of postage depends on the weight of a packed parcel, and for orders over 150 euros, delivery will be free.

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