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Comfortable leggings for pole dance are the key to effective training with positive emotions. The QUEEN Wear brand brings to your attention quality, comfortable leggings personally designed for you. The model of rich color will make your image unique, which will be reflected in the mirror of the training room.

Quality and positive emotions from Pole Dance

What is QUEEN Wear? – This is a brand whose main advantage is quality and your feeling of comfort. This means:

  • dance leggings withstand the most intense workouts;
  • retain their color and shape with frequent washing;
  • elastic, pleasant to the body, and comfortable.

We are also very fond of Pole Dance and understand the characteristics and needs of each dancer to the smallest detail. But the main thing that QUEEN clothes give is a feeling of uniqueness. This is an image, positive emotions, inspiration for effective training.

Uniqueness and functionality

Tights for pole dance are special and will make your image the same: these are tight, beautiful, functional models, created to give positive feelings, a sense of perfection, and vivid emotions. But the uniqueness of our models is achieved by simple solutions:

  • Soft, but retaining elasticity, fabric – Italian Supplex is used for sewing, which is 80% polyester and 20% elastane, but with a matte surface
  • Protective knee pads are an effective way to protect your knees from bruising and injury during exercise.
  • High waist, wide waistband and ankle strap ensure that your leggings don’t roll or bounce no matter how difficult your pirouette is.

If pole dance clothing is not original or is uncomfortable, we, the creators of the QUEEN Wear brand, consider it a crime. After all, this incredible direction is designed to give happiness and enjoyment of your achievements. Choose a color that suits your mood and you will undoubtedly admire your movements in the mirror getting a new wave of inspiration.

Dance leggings at QUEEN Wear online store

Here you can choose a complete set of clothes for pole dance classes, and leggings – a bright part of the image, which will also delight you with functionality and comfort. Unlike conventional models for sports or dance training, our leggings have a protective effect, fit you perfectly well.

Information about the terms of payment, the cost of delivery in Ukraine, and other countries, the specifics of choosing clothes and accessories, and order can be obtained in the online chat on this page.