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The image of a pole dancer is made of many details. The bottom plays an important role in this, namely, the pole dance shorts, which emphasize the figure, curves, give a feeling of freedom of movement, and just a sense of perfection.

The Queen Wear pole dance shorts are designed for the most active and enthusiastic workouts. They are always comfortable and pleasant to the body. Since the design of most models has open areas on the hips, has its’ own gusset, all models of shorts can be worn without underwear. There are varieties of workout shorts in the assortment, and each model creates a distinct look that will make you feel confident, free, and unique.

Shorts for Pole Dance should always be: 

  •  Fit with light compression, but the top should not make movement complicated or hang. We sew QUEEN Wear shorts in sizes from XS to XL, and upon request for XXS and XXL, we sew these sizes individually.
  • Comfortable, you do not have to worry that during the dance, areas of the body that you did not plan to open will open, especially during a variety of splits. All QUEEN Wear shorts have a minimum gusset width of 7 cm. With smart cut shorts, you will deliberately impress the audience.
  • Sufficiently tight and elastic. All QUEEN Wear shorts have 4-way stretch. Models made of white, light, or light fabrics always have an elastic lining. 
  • Beautiful and it’s not a secret for anyone. But, besides the beauty of the product, each model of QUEEN Wear shorts has its own unique style, character, and image that should appeal to you, and if you found your perfect shorts in QUEEN Wear, we will send them packed in beautiful eco-friendly packaging to any corner of the planet. 

Collections of shorts for pole dance

There are basic items in the range of QUEEN Wear, but most of the collections are limited.

  • Collection “Born to be WILD” a series of high pole dance shorts of the same style, but different in color, among which there is a model in black and colored models with a “cat” print and a light dusting of a “snake” pattern on the fabric, which together creates a bright and “wild” image.
  • “QUEEN” is our favorite, stylish sports collection. This is a capsule collection, all the tops and shorts in it are varied in cut and fashion but the same style. So you can choose an open, seductive top and a more closed bottom, or vice versa. Each piece from the collection is incredibly beautifully combined with others.
  • “Love” is one of our first collections, romantic and tender, but at the same time bright and seductive. There is a very limited number of bright shorts in “hearts” left.
  • “Crystal” in pink, and azure palette – white products with colored inserts that open the waist and half-open hips. The delicate romantic design gives positive emotions and a sense of personal charm in training or on the beach.

 Queen Wear details

 Our brand’s floor dance shorts are made from European-made fabrics designed specifically for sports and dance activities. It wicks away moisture well, ensuring comfort during intense workouts. The density and elasticity of the material add confidence as it provides a high level of comfort and ease of movement.

You can purchase shorts for pole dance as a set with a top or separately. We ship orders worldwide. The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the parcel, you can check the conditions on the website in the section “delivery details”.

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