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Let Dark Kitty Bring You Good Luck! Exclusive and stylish design will сapture your heart. Go to your favorite workout, turn on your favorite music, take off your extra clothes, put on those cute little ”cats” and give in to the dance, work with your own body without being distracted by pain, because these guys will take care of it. After that, you will have no doubt that meeting a black cat is for good luck!




  • QUEEN 3SideProtect technology – thorough protection of your knees from all sides;
  • function “changing pads”gives you a possibility to:create ideal knee pads for your dancing style; prolong term of kneepads usage by changing pillow;
  • Don’t slip, and don’t move around (if the size is right);
  • Adaptive knee-caps take a shape of any knee;
  • Smooth – give possibility to slide easily on the dance floor;
  • Vent hole from the inner side of the knee pad;
  • Cutting takes into account the anatomical features of your knee;
  • Reinforced threads and accessories are firmly sewed to the cloth.

We are proud of the quality of our products, but we can not say:“ the highest quality knee pads”, because we want them to be truly appreciated by you.

Weight 0.155 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


hypoallergenic, soft and durable jersey: polyamide 80% elastane 20%


21 cm/8,3 inch


16 cm/6,3 inch (+ -5 mm/0,2 inch)


100% soft polyethylene foam material




Washing machine is allowed at a temperature of 30 C


Pole dance; Choreography; Strip dance; Stretching; Twerk dance; Yoga; Indoor sports; Beginners and professionals; For training and performance.

4 reviews for Classic knee pads – Dark Kitty

  1. Erin G. (verified owner)

    I looove my dark kitty knee pads! They’re super comfortable, and fit me perfectly without being too tight. I was impressed at the quality once I saw them in person, and the padding inside perfectly hugs my knee caps.
    I also have to say, Tanya in customer service was excellent, answering all my questions about shipping during the pandemic! They’re customer service and product is great!!

    • Tanya Kovba

      Hello Erin)
      It’s very nice to hear such kind words!
      We are glad that you are satisfied with your order and the level of customer service.
      With pleasure waiting for your new orders ❤

  2. sophie b

    My first pair of knee pads and still my favorite ❤️

    • Tanya Kovba

      Nice to hear it ❤

  3. Alexandria Mather

    Great knee pads! Tanya got in rounds with me when they arrived in my country and I was super impressed with the quality ❤️

    • Tanya Kovba

      Hello Alexandria,
      Thank you for leaving a review)
      I was glad to help with the delivery process 🤗
      It is very nice to hear that you are satisfied with your order and appreciated the quality of the knee pads ❤️
      I wish you good and comfortable training)

  4. Mateja (verified owner)

    These knee pads are amazing. They are very beautiful and even more comfortable. Since they have a hole in the back I can do all my upside down tricks.
    Customer service is amazing and I will order again.
    Very happy with my purchase 🙂

    • Tanya Kovba

      Thank you 😊
      We wish you comfortable workouts! 👍

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