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How to retain all their qualities for many years.

We sincerely want QUEEN items to delight you as long as possible and to take care of them as easily as possible..

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How to wash QUEEN knee pads 

Before creating this manual, we have washed over 100 pairs of knee pads, testing different washing and drying methods with them. Now we are ready to give you a number of useful practical recommendations on how to properly care for your knee pads so that they retain their qualities. And what kind of “care” can ruin the knee pads and your mood.

Washing in a washing machine

Hand wash of  QUEEN knee pads

Each kneepad has a tag with information on it, so you can look it up when you need it.

We recommend washing your knee pads after 3-4 sessions. But we made sure to create reliable knee pads that will not be damaged by daily washing. Therefore, you can decide for yourself how often to wash them: after each workout or when you feel that the knee pads have lost their freshness.

Washing heavily soiled knee pads

We know for sure that knee pads will stay by your side  and sometimes they go through many challenges. After some exploits in your workout, dirt cannot be dealt with with the “Delicate wash”. 

In such a case, we have separately prepared instructions for washing heavily soiled knee pads.

  1. Take the pads out of the knee pads, they do not need to be washed. 
  2. Apply chlorine-free stain remover to areas of contamination and leave for 5 minutes. 
  3. Place the knee pads in the washing machine and select a washing cycle at a temperature of 40-60°C.
  4. Knee pads without pads can be dried in any way convenient for you: in a tumble dryer, on a radiator / heaters or by hanging them out on a clothesline.

Misstake in the care of QUEEN knee pads

This is Anna. Anna did not finish reading this article to the end. 

Remember, and don’t do the next one with knee pads, so as not to ruin your mood, like Anna.

Drying of knee pads with replaceable pads in a dryer and other methods of hot drying (on a battery / heater, hairdryer, etc.) is not allowed. 

Why?At high temperatures, the structure of the protective cushions is disrupted, they lose their density and can change their shape.

Wash only with clothing of the appropriate color. 

Why? To avoid color transition from one product to another.

Do not use aggressive detergents and detergents containing chlorine. Why? It may discolor the product, make it faded or uneven.

Do not iron. 

Why? Firstly, the material does not require ironing, the knee pads align themselves during drying or during the first workout. Secondly, as mentioned above, the high temperature spoils the quality of the protective cushions, in addition, under the influence of  ironing,  material can also lose its elasticity.

How to wash QUEEN clothes(tops, shorts,garter belt,bodysiut,pants)
Washing in a washing machine

Each items has a tag with information on it, so you can look it up when you need it.

You can decide for yourself how often to wash items: after each workout or when you feel that clothes have lost their freshness.

If you need additional advice or have questions, our Julia is always in touch: [email protected]