About Us

Our mission
is to create the perfect products that make pole dancers from all over the world fall in love with and to provide professional customer care service.

Meet our QUEEN team

Founder of the brand in 2015, designer, chief strategy officer

I am fond of my precious teamm, the sea and cats! I just have a wish to be the one who changes the world to the best.

Founder and CEO, Director of Finance

I adore my wife and one more thing i love is to firnd possibilities in places where the rest sees only abstacley

Corporate Developent Specialist, production engineer in the department sewing production

I love creativite and creative mess in everything i do together with all things that make me better and wise.

Director of sewing production and an expert in product quality

Team work in my cup of tea. I love people, books and when my kids smile

Creative director. Specialist on work with bulk orders

My passions are energetic music, funny, inspiring talks and sincere, smiles. I tend to think that everything that happens with us, happanes for a reason

Specialist of development contect producer, copywriter

I believe that any business can be apporoached creatively, be it writing a report or cleaning. I love crazy ideas and aventures

Customer Service Manager

There is nothing impossible in our life! I adore funny talks, meeting new people and skiing.

Sales Manager. Customer Service Manager

I love tasty coffe, fun travels and to keep everything under control