Course on Sustainability. This is important for us.

All QUEEN team members do their best to be eco-conscious in their daily life. And of course, we are transferring this value into our work, making the brand more eco-friendly.

The responsible eco-friendly production and an ethical brand are what we are working hard on right now! We have created our own environmental development strategy until 2023.

Our goal is to be a sustainable and socially responsible brand for our customers, the planet and humanity.


We would like to bring a little consistency to our impatient world - the world of uncontrolled consumerism and disposables.

What have we already done in order to achieve our goal:

  • We have created a quality product with the longest time of usage. Today, the minimum time of kneepads usage is 2 years and 6 months. And we are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved; we continue to improve the product, increasing its time of usage;
  • We switched to using raw materials only of European origin. We strive to increase the share of raw materials of Ukrainian origin in QUEEN products.
  • We minimized the packaging waste. The bags in which you receive your order last as long as kneepads and clothes;
  • We organize the corporate trainings and learn to produce carefully, efficiently and responsibly, thanks to the LEAN philosophy of careful manufacturing.
  • We make only what is needed for the customer. At the same time, the waiting period has not changed.
  • We work with suppliers of materials that have received the international quality certificates OEKO-TEX, STANDARD100. We also signed contracts with suppliers of fabrics from the recycled materials.
  • We set up a new type of service - “Rent of kneepads in your studio”. In this way we are eliminating the need for unnecessary purchases for those who need kneepads only for the temporary use.

What are we going to change in the near future:

  • Replace the experimental production of new products with the computer modeling - reducing the amount of the textile waste. Minimize the fabric waste when cutting the products.

  • Arrange a system for reusing the production leftovers, creating the additional products or souvenirs from them.
  • Redesign the packaging of kneepads; make it out of newer, more sustainable materials.
  • Produce more basic clothes items. Thus, we are going to continue the policy of preventing unnecessary purchases. Any of our new products will perfectly combine with the items from other collections.
  • We want to organize the reception of old QUEEN items that are no longer needed by their owners. We will recycle, and our customers will get a discount on a new product. Products that manage to provide a second life will be on sale in a special section on the website. We destroy products that cannot be restored.

How to become eco-friendly together with QUEEN

  • Follow the recommendations for use and care, maximizing the “life” of your kneepads, clothing or QUEEN accessories.
  • Buy only the necessary things. To do this, we have divided the sets of clothes into the separate shorts and tops. If you do not need a complete set, order only what you really need. Avoid the reuse.
  • Upgrade what you have. Are you tired of looking at your old workout uniform? Don't rush to throw it away, try to breathe a new life into it with a new accessory, such as a garter belt.
  • Repair (we are always ready to provide you with help or advice on the repair of QUEEN products). Use QUEEN products as long as possible.
  • Dispose consciously. We told in the blog how to dispose of QUEEN kneepads properly.
  • Feel free to write us feedback or suggestions. They are extremely important to us. Thanks to your feedback we improve our product, making it more durable. Big changes in our company start with your comment.

With our Earth in mind,

QUEEN team