Course on Sustainability. This is important for us.

A true technological revolution is currently taking place in the world of fashion. The main trend is sustainability, which is environmental friendliness and safe use of natural resources. This means that now in fashion we strive to make things that are designed for the long term.

We, the QUEEN team, also want to be environmentally conscious. This applies not only to everyday life, but also working on the brand. That is why we do everything to use technologies that don’t pollute the planet and materials that can be recycled for production. And we’ve created our ecological development strategy until 2023.

Our goal is to be a socially responsible brand for our customers and the entire planet.

We are for sustainability! We are for thoughtful fashion! We are for respect for natural resources!

What have we already done in order to achieve our goal:

  • We have created a quality product with the longest time of usage. Today, the minimum time of kneepads usage is 2 years and 6 months. And we are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved; we continue to improve the product, increasing its time of usage;
  • We switched to using raw materials only of European origin. We strive to increase the share of raw materials of Ukrainian origin in QUEEN products.
  • Our team minimized packaging waste. The bag in which you receive your order will last as long as the knee pads and clothes.
  • We organized training and learned to produce things due to the principles of careful LEAN philosophy — efficiently and responsibly.
  • We produce individually for the client. At the same time, the waiting period for your order has not changed.
  • We work with suppliers of materials that have received international quality certificates OEKO-TEX, STANDARD100. QUEEN also signed contracts with suppliers of fabrics made from recycled materials.
  • We launched a new type of service — renting knee pads in your studio. Now there is no need to buy knee pads if you only need them for temporary use.

This is what we are doing RIGHT NOW:

  • We are reducing the content of Chinese raw materials in our products from 30% to 10%.The team wants to increase the service life of products and improve production technology, so we conduct our research together with customers. It is you who help us understand which parts and seams wear out faster. This is how we improve quality and this is how Black Fire models appeared.
  • We are creating even more basic clothing models to continue our policy of preventing unnecessary purchases. Any of our new products will be perfectly combined with things from other collections. Soon it will be tempting garters. Even more universal products will be produced in small capsule collections. One of them is the beautiful Glory collection.
  • We again provide a service for individual tailoring of products. The convenient website builder will help you choose your unique design and order a special tag for your product. We accept orders by email: queenwearpole@gmail.com

What WE PLAN to do:

  • To use computer modeling to develop new products. It is needed to reduce the amount of textile waste.
  • To establish a system of reuse of production residues, creating additional products or souvenir products.
  • To carry out a redesign of the packaging of knee pads. We make it from new, more ecological materials.
  • To arrange for the acceptance of old QUEEN products that are no longer needed by their owners. There is reprocessing for products, and for their owners there is a discount on a new product. Accessories after repeated processing will be displayed on the website in a special section. Products that cannot be resuscitated will be utilized.
  • To create a new level of customer support. A free 12-month warranty on all products will be available soon.
  • To expand the assortment of accessories that will help you look at the products you already have in a new way. New products will be perfectly combined with other combinations.

Do you want to be environmentally friendly with QUEEN? Here are some tips:

  • Follow the recommendations for use and care to extend the "life" of QUEEN knee pads, clothing and accessories as much as possible.
  • Buy only what is necessary. To do this, we divided the clothing sets into shorts and tops. Now you can order only one item from the set. Avoid overuse.
  • Upgrade what you have. Please do not throw away the old training uniform, but try to breathe new life into it with the help of an accessory, for example, a garter belt.
  • Repair. We are always ready to help and advise on the repair of QUEEN products. Use our products for as long as possible.
  • Recycle consciously. How to properly dispose of QUEEN knee pads was told in our blog.
  • Feel free to write reviews or suggestions. They are very important to us. Thanks to your feedback, we improve our products and make them more durable. Yes, big changes in our company start with your comment.

With our Earth in mind,

QUEEN team

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